9 Year Anniversary Dinner… and Dessert!

Oh my! I have not had REAL lasagna in over a year. By real I mean, lasagna that contains actual pasta. I rarely eat pasta. It’s just one of those carbs that I can do without (usually). I have often swapped my spaghetti for cabbage, spaghetti squash, or even zucchini. The last time I made lasagna for the hubs, I made myself this amazing zucchini “noodle” lasagna for myself. It was really good- way better than I thought it would be. Zucchini makes really great “pasta”- you should try it if you haven’t already. Even my husband liked the zucchini kind (but said he would pick “real lasagna if given a choice of course).

dinner with border

But for my anniversary this year I wanted to eat the same dinner as my husband. I’ve been craving real lasagna, and thought what a perfect dinner it would make for my 9 year anniversary with my husband. And hey, it was leg day at the gym so I can tell myself those extra carbs made my squats well worth the work, right?

So today I simmered home made sauce for over an hour (by homemade I mean that I bought plain strained tomatoes and I put the meat, onions, and spices in… magic right?… well it tasted better than Ragu and didn’t have any sugar). I then used actual noodles (whole wheat organic noodles I bought from Target last night) and threw together the best-ever lasagna!

My husband knew what was for dinner the second he walked in the door. The entire house carried the aroma of his favorite meal baking in the oven. He was overjoyed… and shocked that I would be eating it with him. Of course, “my side” of the lasagna had slightly less cheese (my hubs loves his cheese). But other than that we enjoyed the same meal together. I paired it with roasted green beans topped with a little parmesan. Perfection!


And for dessert.. chocolate covered strawberry Darth Vaders (have I mentioned my husband loves Star Wars… particularly Darth Vader). I made myself some coconut cream candy covered strawberries. I added some raw sugar to my husband’s chocolates because he thinks my homemade chocolates are beyond bitter.

chocolate covered strawberry darth vaders

The boy helped me dip strawberries in chocolate…


and eat them…


happy boy…


My daughter later ate up some chocolates and strawberries as well (she was busy making cards for my husband and me most of the day while the boy and I made the treats).

It turned out to be a perfect day… a perfect meal for a chili “spring” day in Minnesota. And I got to enjoy dinner with the man I love most.


Oh, and I didn’t make my husband proofread this since it IS our anniversary and all. So, I’m sorry for all the typos, lack of commas, and spelling errors. 😉

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