Cajun Seasoned and Blackened Mahi Mahi

I found this recipe online today. It’s not my own creation. Although I did tweak it a smidge so I will share a link to the recipe along with how I made some changes.

This particular recipe calls for Mahi Mahi and lots of quality fats (grass fed butter and coconut oil). I’m sure any other white fish would work as well. You could also use all coconut oil if you are dairy intolerant (I made a separate batch for my kiddos for that reason).

So without further ado… Here is how I made Blackened Mahi Mahi.

I used THIS RECIPE from Valerie’s Kitchen for inspiration. I had a bag of Mahi Mahi from Costco and no idea how to prepare it. This was the best sounding recipe that came up on my google search. So thank you Valerie!… and google.

My substitutions:

  • I used Valerie’s Homemade Cajun seasoning however I only used 1/2 tsp of onion powder (I think onion powder can be a bit over powering personally. My hubby likes it but I can only handle so much.
  • I also used real sea salt in place of table salt.
  • I did not use any lemon (I didn’t have any on hand).
  • I replaced the olive oil with coconut oil ** and used grass fed butter as well.

Those were the only substitutions I made. Otherwise I followed her recipe exactly. It turned out amazing!

I cooked ours up in my favorite cast iron pan.

I also made some with just sea salt, and pepper cooked in coconut oil ** for my kiddos. My daughter can’t tolerate dairy or some of the spices listed. My children absolutely loved it their version of the fish.

My husband told me I won “first prize”. I’ll take it!… even if I didn’t have any competition tonight.

He then took the kiddos to Chuck E Cheese so now I have an almost too quiet home and time to type up this post for all of you!

Here is my Cajun Seasoned and Blackened Mahi Mahi with lettuce, fermented red cabbage and roasted broccoli.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments in the section below.

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2 Responses

  1. John Eric says:

    Looks tasty! We’ll definitely give it a go as we’re eating more fish in our diet. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Kristine says:

      Thanks for stopping by! Let me know how you like it if you give it a try. Butch said it was the best fish I have ever made. Considering I usually just bake up wild caught cod with salsa and grass fed cheese there wasn’t much to top but hey, he loved it… so yay!

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