10 Tips to Fit Healthy Living into Your Busy Week


20 Clean and Grain Free Snacks

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20 Tips to Eating Healthier on a Budget

Eating healthier

A Beginners Shopping Guide to Clean and Healthy Eating

Are GMOs Correlated with the Increase of Celiac Disease?


A Salad That Tastes Good

Chocolate Love

Chocolate Love

Clean Cooking Kitchen Appliance and Gadgets I Love


Collagen: A Fantastic Dairy Free Protein

Cravings Cheat Sheet and What They Mean

The Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen


Clean Eating Tips for the New Year




For the Ladies: How to Stay Fit and Healthy During “That Time of the Month”

Healthy Swaps

Healthier Swaps

“I Don’t Have Money For That” (a tip for when you can’t afford organic)

plums in bowl

I Eat Chocolate Almost Every Day

diet day1

Muffin Top Myths

ball crunch with border

My Favorite Coconut Oil

My absolute favorite coconut oil

My New Favorite Protein Powder

Grass Fed Whey Protein Powder

One of my Favorite Little Kitchen Gadgets

coffee grinder

Thrive Market Favorites

Thanksgiving: Make it “Clean”

apple turkey

Thrive Market Favorites

Treat Yourself

Treat Yourself

What Do You Eat?


What is Clean Eating?


What’s In My Kitchen

What's In My Kitchen

What Supplements Do You Really Need?

Why Wait? Get Healthy Today!

Not dieting


What I Ate Today Posts:

First Workout After a Week Off Plus What I Ate This Halloween


Friday Arm Workout Plus What I Ate Today

Friday Arm Workout

HIIT Workout and Making Brownies: Plus What I Ate Today


Monday’s Workout Plus What I Ate

Mondays Workout Plus What I Ate

Today’s Workout Plus What I Ate: Carb Cycling

Today’s Workout plus What I Ate Today

What I ate today and my workout

Two a Days and What I Ate Today

two a days

Today’s Workout (Glutes and Arms) and What I Ate Today


Today’s Workout Leg’s and Abdominal Workout Plus What I Ate


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