Clean Cooking Kitchen Appliance and Gadgets I Love

Here are some of my favorite kitchen appliances and gadgets that help me to live “clean” in the kitchen. I love these products and they make my cooking life just a little bit easier so I thought I would share them with you.

Clean Water:

I love our Berkey Filter. I have become a bit of a “water snob” since getting ours. A friend of mine gave their filter to us when they moved out the country (so they now have well water and no need to filter chlorine and fluoride). Best gift ever!

Here is a great article about fluoride. My Berkey Filter has to be one of my favorite items in my kitchen… along with my fridge, oven, and food processor of course. 😉

Below is a link to the Berkey website which has free shipping.

Berkey Water Filter

My Berkey! 🙂


Clean Food:

Here is the food processor I use. Before I bought this one I can’t tell you how many bowls I cracked while making almond butter. My husand finally told me to just invest in a better food processor and I bit the bullet and spent what I thought was a lot of money, but it’s well worth it. No cracked bowls yet with this one.  And it’s SO much quieter than my other processors. Yes, it’s still a bit loud when first grinding almonds-no food processor is silent. But compared to my other processors this one is quiet. My children no longer run from the room due to noise when I use it.

When it comes to blending soups, or mashing bananas for protein bread, I LOVE my Cuisinart Immersion Hand Blender.

Amazon sells one with a whisk and a food chopper (like the one I have).

Or you can buy just the hand blender.

I don’t make ice cream all that often but when I want ice cream I love that I can make my own and not have it full of junk that most grocery store ice cream is full of. I own this Cuisinart Ice Cream and Sorbet Maker.

This is the juicer I use. I use it to juice lemons for lemon water in the morning, or for recipes that call for it. I also use it to juice oranges for fermented orange juice.

I have TONS of cut outs but this is my favorite. I use these bear cut outs to make my own healthy gummy bears for the kids.

I also love these silicon molds. I use them to make gummy candies as well as chocolate and coconut candies for the kids.

I use my Silicone Loaf Pan to make gluten free seed breads. This loaf pan is pliable so that you can get the delicate seed bread out without breaking it.

For any other type of bread (pumpkin, zucchini, banana) I use glass pyrex bread pans.

I also love large Pyrex dishes for baking chicken or roasting veggies. And smaller 8X8 pans are great for protein breads. These ones with the lid are great for easily storing food in the fridge after baking.

I love my tortilla press! I used to press each homemade tortilla with my hands which took MUCH longer. I am so happy to have my tortilla press now.

This is the cast iron griddle I own. I wish all my pans were cast iron (and hopefully one day they all will be). I use this multiple times a day, ever day.

My other skillets are stainless steel. I own this smaller stainless steel skillet as well as a larger one.

Here is the cheese cloth I own. I use it to make my own yogurt or you can use it to strain bone broth.

I recently bought these mesh strainers to make kefir water. The kefir grains can’t touch metal so I needed a non metal strainer. These are perfect!

I recently splurged on these beautiful cobalt blue bottles to make fizie ginger kefir soda.

My fermenting life would not be complete without this 3 piece set of fido jars. I use them to ferment everything from applesauce to red cabbage.

Fermenting was a much messier process in my house before I bought this wide mouth funnel.

And who can live without mason jars? I prefer wide mouth mason jars but I have all sorts of mason jars in every size. I buy them at garage sales when I can but I get them at the store as well. Mason jars can be used for everything from canning, to soaking beans and soaking nuts, to storing foods in the pantry, fridge and freezer.

Gotta love Klean Kanteen. I bought these water bottles for the kids and I will soon be buying more. They are great! They come in tons of different colors too! I own plenty of Klean Kanteen water bottles so the kids like being just like momma.

There you have it! I just realized that I have spent entirely too much money on amazon. ha! But I really love all of these products and couldn’t make a lot of the healthy foods my family eats without them.

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