Today’s Workout (Clutch Life Day 12) Plus What I Ate Today

Hello all! Since the holiday season I have been enjoying snuggles and comfort food with my family. Healthier comfort food… but indulging non the less. So I’m back to blogging again today after a short hiatus. Today I’m sharing my workout plus what I ate.

Today's Workout Plus What I Ate Today

I started the Clutch Life Plan on the Monday after New Years Eve. The fitness plan isn’t a “resolution”, rather a way to get in a quality workout without having to deal with the crowded gym. I have a full review of the Clutch Life Workout Plan on another blog post. Click here to learn all about this FREE 28 day program. It’s one of my favorite at home workout plans. I love that it’s a nice jump start into feeling fantastically healthy since it’s super challenging and the nutrition plan is super clean as well. Yet, pretty much anyone (at any fitness level) can do the workouts because you go at your own pace. If you give it your all you will end up beautifully red faced and dripping in sweat (especially after cardio day).

clutch life day 12

So today was day 12… a cardio workout. Below is the link to the video.

If you are looking for a great workout (even if you aren’t interested in the entire plan) I highly recommend you try this one out. It’s only week 2 (of 4) so you do 2 rounds of each circuit on cardio day. As you progress in future weeks you add another round. I love that there is no need for a treadmill. I get a better workout than if I did a 30 min “steady state” run or even a high intensity workout on the elliptical.


So now let’s get to what I ate today…

For breakfast I had my usual… groats with berries, chia seeds, hemp seeds, cinnamon and walnuts. (This is an older photo that doesn’t include all my favorite toppings). Along with my groats, I packed in the protein with some eggs cooked with bell peppers, spinach, and topped with salsa.

groats and eggs

I also drank some turmeric ginger tea (that I bought from with fresh lemon squeezed in.

Later I had a snack (half a granny smith apple and some homemade almond butter).

About an hour and a half later (once my snack had digested a little) I did the Clutch Life Workout.

After my workout I immediately had one scoop of whey protein powder mixed in water as well as some coconut water (separate from the whey) to replenish my electrolytes.

Then I ate a chicken salad (with leftover chicken from my crispy chicken dinner last night), and mixed in some roasted sweet potato cubes and topped that with salsa and nutritional yeast.

I had my favorite protein brownies later in the afternoon.

I made this batch with “groat flour” rather than oat flour that I ground up in my coffee grinder. They turned out fluffier than my usual protein brownies but still had a bit of a chewy consistency thanks to the collagen.


For dinner I ate split pea soup (made in my Instant Pot) with some more leftover chicken. Mmmm… the perfect dinner for a cold winter night.

split pea soup

Later when I’m feeling “snacky” I plan to eat a Chicken Sriracha Epic Bar. They sell these at

epic bar

So there you have it. That was my workout and what I ate today. I’m loosly following the nutritional suggestions for the Clutch Life Plan. Since I’ve done it already (last year) it’s pretty easy to fall back into the eating plan.

If you have any questions or comments feel free to comment below. I hope you are all staying warm this winter!

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