Essential Oils

Essential Oils

What Are Essential Oils?

Essential Oils are the volatile liquids that are distilled from plants, including the seeds, bark, leaves, stems, roots, flowers, fruit, etc. Just as we have oils in our skin that protect us, essential oils are protective to the plant. They’re sort of the immune system of the plant. They have the unique ability to work the same way in us! Essential oils can actually penetrate our cell membranes, and each drop contains 40 million trillion molecules that affect the body at the cellular level.

How do Essential Oils Help the Body?

Since essential oils are a very small aromatic compound and they are fat soluble, they penetrate into the body very quickly and leave the body very quickly. According to inhalation studies, the essential oil molecules can exist in the blood within minutes of inhalation and topical use (Dr. Peter Minke, interview in EO Magazine). That is why it is important that you avoid lower grade essential oils that can have solvents and other components.

Not All Oils Are Created Equal

After I did my research on essential oils, I found that not all oils are the same. Many of the oils that you find for “a good deal” online and even health food stores are often less expensive because the quality of the product is compromised.  There are fillers, solvents, or other additives that dilute the oil. As a result, you use double or even triple the amount of oil and you are applying/inhaling unknown fillers or solvents into your body. Be cautious when you read “100% Therapeutic Quality.”

I trust Rocky Mountain Oils and their S.A.A.F.E promise.

I have had amazing results using Rocky Mountain Oils (RMO) for myself and my family. A little oil goes a long way. With one application, you will discover the high therapeutic quality of their products.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Rocky Mountain Oils are committed to delivering the highest quality essential oils. They offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee that our products are always pure and potent. They support this guarantee by providing actual GC/MS test results free of charge through our website for every essential oil. RMOs also provide unrivaled customer service through a no questions asked 90-day product return policy.


Through our rigorous process of selecting suppliers and unwavering commitment to stringent quality testing, Rocky Mountain Oils guarantee every essential oil we sell is 100% pure and authentic.

  • Sourcing Through Vetted Suppliers

    They have direct buying relationships with the most trusted suppliers in the industry. Each of their suppliers is required to meet stringent product quality guidelines before they consider buying from them.

  • The Sampling Process

    They test hundreds of samples to find the best essential oils available. These samples are GC/MS tested to check for purity before they purchase essential oils from our suppliers. If the sample contains any adulterants, contaminants, diluents or synthetics, it is rejected. If a sample passes the GC/MS test, they place a bulk order from the same batch that constituted the approved sample.

  • Still More Testing & Re-testing…

    Once the bulk order arrives, they send a sample from it to their third-party lab for another round of GC/MS testing to ensure we received the same essential oil that they sampled and purchased. They do this to ensure that the essential oils their customers receive is the same 100% pure and natural oil they purchased from their suppliers.

  • Complete Quality Control at Headquarters

    They do multiple spot checks to make sure their products meet the highest quality standards as part of their overall Standard Operating Procedure (SOP). Their outside testing process is watched closely by their in-house chemist, as is their in-house bottling process for maximum quality assurance.


Rocky Mountain Oils guarantee that their essential oils contain no adulterants by conducting both external and internal product testing. Their external GC/MS testing process is verified through an independent, third party lab and is scrutinized by their in-house chemist. After the oil is GC/MS tested, their chemist runs extensive internal analysis to assure quality with organoleptic, Refractive Index and various other tests.

Free of Adulterants

Rocky Mountain Oils guarantee that their essential oils contain no adulterants by conducting internal analysis as well as independent third party GC/MS testing.

A Few Minutes a Day?

I’m a busy homeschooling mom and the thought of adding one more “thing” to our day can seem overwhelming but essential oils only take a few minutes a day to apply.

Some of my favorite oils are:

Tummy Rub:

  • My daughter finds this oil soothing when she is having stomach pains
  • Supports digestive health
  • Supports healthy elimination

Immune Strength:

  • I diffuse this oil whenever a family member or friends we have been around are sick.
  • Supports a healthy immune system



  • I use peppermint in my homemade toothpaste.
  • When properly diluted, Peppermint Essential Oil has an icy-hot effect on skin, also soothing muscles due to overexertion or overuse. I dilute peppermint oil and lavendar in fractionated coconut oil to rub on sore muscles after a workout.
  • Supports healthy digestions. I often add a drop of peppermint to tummy rub to enhance my tummy blend. I call it my extra strength blend. 😉


  • I use lavender with a carrier oil (fractionated coconut oil) most nights before bed.
  • I have applied lavender to burns.
  • Aids in relaxation and mental balance
  • Beneficial to sleep

New To Essential Oils?

Feel free to ask me any questions if you are new to essential oils!

Where Can I Find Quality Essential Oils Online?

Rocky Mountain essential oils are available to purchase online. Start by clicking here. There is no need to buy a starter kit. With Rocky Mountain Oils you get quality oils at reasonable prices. They also have FREE SHIPPING no matter how small or big your order to anywhere in the U.S.

AND if you have any additional questions you can contact me by e-mail anytime!

Rocky Mountain Oils also have fantastic customer support as well as a blog with DIYs and more.

The biggest difference essential oils have made in my life is with my daughter. Immediately after applying Tummy Rub (a digestive supporting oil blend) she can note the difference in how she feels. She suffers from digestive pain and essential oils have been a blessing on her toughest days.

Still have questions? Click here to learn more about why I use Rocky Mountain Oils.

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