6 Pack Mistakes Most People Are Making

6 pack mistakes

10 Tips to Fit Healthy Living into Your Busy Week


15 Basic Lifting Tips

Shawn Philips

A Much Needed Break

AT falls

At Home Legs and Glutes Workout Video

At home legs and glutes

Clutch Life Review

Clutch Life 24 7

Fitness Can be Quick and Fun

core circuit

Help! I don’t even know where to start: A beginners lifting routine

HIIT: Lower Body and Abdominal At Home Workout

HIIT lower body and abs

Items That Can Benefit Your at Home Workout

free weights and exercise ball

I Want to Throw Away My Scale

throw my scale away

Labrada’s Lean Body 12 Week Trainer


Leg Day 1

stretching quads

Leg Day II

My Birthday Workout


MY Perfect Day At the Gym

bar weights

Muffin Top Myths

ball crunch with border

No excuses!…. Say what?!


Only in Minnesota (Outdoor High Intensity Workout)


Running Distance and Lifting:

running distance without losing hard earned muscle

flex friday (3)


Stuck at Home (no equipment needed) Circut Workout

free weights and exercise ball

Supplements That Supplement


This is How I Lift


Who has time to stretch?


Why Wait? Get Healthy Today!

Not dieting

Today’s Workout Plus What I Ate Posts:

First Workout After a Week Off Plus What I Ate This Halloween


Friday Arm Workout Plus What I Ate Today

Friday Arm Workout

HIIT Workout and Making Brownies: Plus What I Ate Today


Monday’s Workout Plus What I Ate

Mondays Workout Plus What I Ate

Today’s Workout (Clutch Life Day 12) Plus What I Ate Today

Today’s Workout plus What I Ate Today

What I ate today and my workout

Two a Days and What I Ate Today

two a days

Today’s Workout (Glutes and Arms) and What I Ate Today


Today’s Workout Leg’s and Abdominal Workout Plus What I Ate



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