Food: week 1 day 3

I am on day 3 of week 1 of my fasting from food as I type this. If you have no idea what I’m talking about right now you can check back to my previous post by clicking here. But for a quicker catch up I will just say, I’m currently fasting from all food except for 7 foods: chicken/eggs, turkey, oats, blueberries, bananas, peas, and lettuce (as well as salt, pepper, and coconut oil for seasoning/cooking).

7 foods

I really thought breakfast would be my easiest meal since I eat eggs with spinach, along with blueberry oatmeal most mornings. However, I miss salsa and chia seed in my oatmeal. So even breakfast isn’t quite the same. Who knew chia seeds made so much of a difference in oatmeal enjoyment. I think it’s just not being able to have something that makes you want it more. Otherwise, the only other difficult part is trying to figure out what to eat when I want a quick snack, and explaining other people why on earth I would only want to eat 7 foods when the topic comes up (which is often because food seems to be the center of life).

Otherwise it’s been a good first three days. My husband however is already beyond sick of chicken. I even coated out whole chicken with coconut oil, salt and pepper and cooked it in the oven to make it nice and crispy. He said it was the best whole chicken I had ever made… but it was still just chicken. He misses his BBQ sauce.

In an attempt to vary veggies with the kiddos I cooked green beans just for them. My daughter replied with a polite request, “Mom, can we fast from green beans?” It was so sweet I laughed.

Dairy Queen commercials on the side of my facebook are the enemy, along with every other food commercial on tv. Maybe we should be doing the media fast this month as well. It might make things easier.

But really my 7 foods are more than some people eat in a week. So, I praise God for his abundance of blessings in my life. I’ve been learning about some great organizations to help others in need of food (or ways to break out of the poverty which is the reason for their lack of food). I will touch on those more in a future post. So far life seems to have slowed down, in a somewhat painful way, yet also a great way. I have found myself to be a bit on edge emotionally (much to my poor husbands dismay), but this has caused me to look to the Lord for guidance and strength rather than looking to dark chocolate my own devices. Jesus, I need you… I’m crabby.



Just and FYI: I have decided to start a 7 “page” to keep you posted on the 7 experiment. This way everything will be nicely organized in one section on my page rather than in random posts in between my usual posts. This way those of you who care can check it out and those of you who aren’t interested can just ignore me. 🙂 So you can find my pages (rather than posts) about the 7 experiment by clicking here.

I will be continuing to post yummy food recipes and workouts but they may be unusual this month due to my lack of food options. Hope you enjoy!


I just made blueberry muffins using only ingredients from my 7 foods and they tasted like heaven. Will post recipe soon.


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