Hey everyone… or maybe just me.

So I have these big dreams of having an amazing blog where I can post recipes and workout routines I have been trying, where my friends and I can share ideas of what it means to really be healthy, and I can share my passions. And here I sit writing my first post before going “live” without a single reader. I’m sure my mom will read this when I tell her about it… hi mom!

But just in case someday more than just my mom, my husband and maybe a friend or two reads this I will tell you a little about myself.


I am a married (7 years now?) stay at home mom of 2. My daughter just started Kindergarten and I home school my son who is preschool age. I love love love to feel good. I love to be deep in quiet time with the Lord, I love to be surrounded by family and friends, I love a good book, and I love working out and eating healthy because that’s when I feel my best. Of course my idea of what eating healthy is has changed drastically over the years from my sugar addict days (okay, I must say I will always be an addict… as I fall off the wagon from time to time), when “fat free was the way to be” and “cardio queen” days, to my current self who loves lifting (and cardio of course… we just have a different relationship now), and eating unprocessed REAL food. And now my stomach thanks me-in more ways than one. I am just trying to live a “clean” life in this society where social pressures and surroundings make it seemingly impossible.

sugar addict (300x196)

So, I hope you enjoy my blog as I share my desires, goals, recipes, ramblings (etc…) And I will try not to bore you too much or get up on too many soap boxes. This isn’t a place for judging but a place for discovering and learning and growth (for both you and me I hope).

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3 Responses

  1. Butch says:

    You don’t know how long we’ve been married?! 2362 days.

  2. JE says:

    Is her only secret the cookies? I’m trying not to judge but, ehh….Probably not.

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