HIIT Workout and Baking Brownies: Plus What I ate Today

I’ve been attempting to perfect these brownie bites for some time now, and with the help of a friend I think I’ve got it. I’m waiting for them to “set” in the freezer right now before I know for sure. But I feel a new recipe coming your way soon.

brownie bites

I also happened upon a new workout video series I LOVE so I thought I would share it with you all.

I was visiting with friends out of town this weekend and mentioned how I love HIIT workout videos because they are so quick and you get more bang for your buck. My girlfriend mentioned a video series she has been following by a guy named Millionaire Hoy. He has tons of different workouts that are quick and kick your butt. So today I gave one a try.

I figured that I could do a “longer” one since I have done HIIT workouts before. This is the one I did today….

By the end I was exhausted (which is a good thing). I was having to do a lot of adaptations in the end in order to finish the entire video. I did finish all the exercises but it was quite the challenge. I am hooked! Tomorrow I may try out one of his 30 minute videos and I’ll let you know how it goes.

Try it out if you are up for a challenge and let me know what you think. If you subscribe to his youtube channel you will see all the different videos he has. I love that 45 minute videos are actually 45 minutes (including stretching). There is no extra (unless you tack on one of his 10 min videos). If you only have 30 minutes or you are just getting into HIIT workouts, try a 30 minute video. You can start out slow if you need to or go faster if you want to push yourself.

What I Ate Today:

People are often asking me what I eat in a day. Usually I have breakfast early in the morning. This Monday was different because I was not very hungry. I often treat myself to a healthier dessert on Sunday nights and I was still satisfied from the night before (I may have had an extra large serving… and by “may” I mean that I did). I also slept in and was busy this morning so I didn’t eat till 10:30. Check out how my day went…

I slept in (yay! thanks kiddos!), had some quiet time with God, made the kids breakfast and did some cleaning up around the house. So I didn’t eat a thing till 10:30ish. Oh, I did have some raspberry tea with ginger and cinnamon added. Good stuff.

I then started working on my recipe for Mint Brownie Bites so I was taste testing. This was the start of what I ate today. I tried bits of brownie bite “batter” here and there as I added ingredients and attempted to perfect them. Yum!

Then when I finished up, I ate one turkey meatball to get a little more protein in before I worked out.

The kiddos and I did school and cleaned until Noon. I made them lunch and then did the before mentioned HIIT workout.

I made my typical breakfast for an after workout meal since I was craving groats and didn’t eat them for breakfast. Yum! With the groats I also had eggs with spinach, salsa, fresh garlic, and lots of spicy peppers (like dried cayenne and jalapeno). I ate my groats with frozen berries. I then munched on a couple carrots and taste tested my finished brownies. They need to freeze a little longer though (they are best when chilled in the freezer) so I wont decide if this recipe is perfect till I try them tomorrow when they are fully frozen. (Just an excuse to eat brownies 2 days in a row).

I then took a quick shower and did some more cleaning while the kiddos did independent school work/quiet time.

Then I had a few bites of some frozen avocado pudding  to cool myself off since it’s crazy hot today (for April in MN) and I refuse to turn on the A/C.

Played with the kiddos outside and did yard work.

For dinner I had a second turkey meatball (I usually have them in pairs because they are perfectly portioned protein snacks/meals). I also ate some of the grass fed beef in homemade marinara sauce that my hubby made for the brown rice pasta tonight. I skipped the pasta and ate it over roasted veggies (broccoli and cauliflower).


That’s it! I usually eat more but like I said I wasn’t hungry this morning so I got a late start to eating.

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2 Responses

  1. Joyfull Mom says:

    Thank you for yet another great post! I am intrigued by the HIIT workout. I have never done one before but I would be willing to try it out. But if it was hard for you, I probably won’t make it past 10 minutes…ha! I have been meaning to make turkey meatballs. I need to keep protein handy for a quick bite. Thanks for the information. Blessings.

    • Kristine says:

      I think you would do fantastic! You can always do easier variations… or start with a shorter one. I love HIIT because any fitness level can do them. You just push yourself as hard as you can. If you are just easing into it you can go slower and/or do variations. If you are a seasoned athlete you can do them faster or add more plyo moves (jumps). I think you would love how little time it takes to get a good workout in. I’m hooked. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by the blog! Miss ya!

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