Items That Can Benefit Your at Home Workout

Don’t want to go to the gym today? Here are some of my favorite items for a quality “at home” workout:

  • Free weights: don’t have room for lots of weights? Give these adjustable dumbbells a try. They take up very little space.

ProForm Adjustable Weights (for lighter weights)


Bowflex Adjustable Weights (light to heavy weights)


pull up bar

  • Resistance bands: Can’t do a pull up? Use these to help you out. Here’s a video (see minute 25:29 of the video) of Ashley Conrad using a resistance band for her pull ups. They are also great for all sorts of resistance exercises. You can also practice without the bands when you aren’t doing circuits. Here is a video that shows that technique. Resistance bands are perfect for traveling too. You can take them with you wherever you go.

resistance bands

  • Medicine ball: These are awesome for crunches and resistance exercises when body weight alone is not enough.
  • Kettle bells: My hubby just bought me the ones pictured below.


  • Exercise ball: These can be used as a bench while doing dumbbell press or for a bajilion different abdominal exercises. I love my exercise ball!
  • Yoga mat: These are nice for crunches. I couldn’t imagine doing crunches without mine.


What to ditch…

  • Your scale! Okay, so I do step on a scale from time to time and have yet to literally throw mine away. The scale is not as helpful as some might think. The numbers on the scale can even be quite discouraging and deceptive. I am often at my most fit and have my smallest waist when the scale says I am up in weight.  I recommend checking your scale no more than once a week even if your goal is weight loss. Even in weight loss programs weight can fluctuate quite a bit throughout the week. There are much better ways to measure your fitness journey success which I go into quite a bit more in this post.

scale in garbage

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