My Almost Perfect Saturday

Today was an almost perfect Saturday. It could only have been better if my husband was with us the entire day. He had a softball tournament so he missed out on our morning festivities but he came back home in the afternoon after winning his tournament. So it was all around a great day.

We started our morning by hitting up our local farmer’s market. Our farmer’s market is awesome. It’s my happy place. Rochester’s farmer’s market was just named best farmer’s market in Minnesota by the 2014 Star Tribune Reader’s Poll and it’s easy to see why. It’s located next to a walking/bike path by the river and is filled with fresh produce, baked goods, grass fed and pasture raised meats… all at amazing prices.

Here is the pretty view from the market.


This week we visited the market in order to buy some grass fed beef as well as some heirloom organic tomato plants for our garden at home. We hit the tomato plant jackpot where we found plants for less than $3 each.


The kiddos and I got a little too plant happy and we bought one too many tomato plants for my little garden space at home. We ended up planting our extra plant in a pot that I put out in front of the house and my daughter then declared that it was her plant.


Jericho saw this giant bird statue thing across the river and made me take a photo.


And grass fed beef was on sale so we had money left over for cheese curds. Yum!


Then we headed over to the gym so I could get a leg workout in. My legs were jello when I finished which didn’t make planting our new tomato plants easy when we got back home but with the kiddos help I got everything in the ground.

Here’s our finished garden. The wooden thing is where I hope my cucumber plants will climb. This is my first year planting cucumbers and I don’t have a lot of space in my garden. I am hoping to get an abundance of cucumbers so I can make tons of fermented pickles. Yum!


Then the kids and I made a grain/gluten free cream cheese brownie dessert for after dinner (recipe coming soon) that we sweetened with dates.

Here is a photo of the pre cooked brownies. They were a hit!


Then my husband joined us after his tournament. We had friends over for dinner. We grilled out and played bean bag toss and enjoyed our brownies. I may have eaten more than one portion of brownies.

After our friends left, my husband and I played Skip Bo (awesome card game you must learn to play if you haven’t already). I won best out of 3, which made up for me loosing at bean bag toss. I really couldn’t have asked for a better Saturday! Hope you all had great weather this weekend. This is by far my favorite time of year.

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