My Favorite Coconut Oil

I just thought I would give a quick shout out to my favorite coconut oil since they are having a 45% off sale (on their Gold Label 1 gallon and 5 gallon buckets) right now through Thursday May 5th!

I prefer Gold Label Coconut Oil from Tropical Traditions over any other brand or type of coconut oil. In this post I will tell you why I think it’s the bee’s knees.

My absolute favorite coconut oil

Tropical Traditions Gold Label Coconut Oil is:

  • USDA Certified Organic
  • non-refined
  • hand-made is small batches – not mass-produced by machine
  • wet-milled from fresh coconut milk (highest level of antioxidants)
  • tested for the herbicide glyphosate
  • and has no chemical solvents used in processing

If you would like to know more about the differences in all the coconut oils made by Tropical Traditions check out this Question and Answer page.

I use coconut oil in almost all my recipes. There are so many benefits to this oil. I prefer it above any other oil in baking AND cooking.

Coconut oil is beneficial for:

Like any food… eating too much of anything can cause weight gain. But compared to other fats, coconut oil is great fuel for your body!

Don’t be afraid of fat. Fat doesn’t make you fat… eating too much of any food can make you fat. Fat is not the culprit. Processed carbs, sugar and other processed junk is what we need to be avoiding. I use coconut oil multiple times daily (from cooking eggs in the morning, to my dessert recipes, to dinner at night… and even in my homemade toothpaste!)

I personally like to buy the 5 gallon buckets when they have a big sale like this. I keep it in my basement and use it to refill a large jar which I keep in my cupboard. I use the large jar (an old jalapeno jar) to replenish a smaller mason jar which I have on my counter ready to use for cooking at any time. 🙂

My coconut oil

This is my smaller jar that I keep near the stove in a metal bowl. When I want to melt the coconut oil I place it in a metal bowl (or you could use a glass bowl) in the sink and run hot water into the bowl. Make sure the lid is on tight. I never microwave my coconut oil to melt it for recipes. I also keep a silicon brush (seen in the photo below) by my smaller jar for coating pans with coconut oil when I cook eggs, waffles, tortillas etc.

melting coconut oil

Need more ideas on how to use coconut oil? Check out this page.

Also, anyone who buys from Tropical Traditions via these referral links on my blog who makes a first-time purchase will receive a FREE gift, the book “Virgin Coconut Oil: How it has changed people’s lives and how it can change yours!” This book is packed with testimonies and solid research showing how healthy coconut oil is, and it also includes over 85 recipes showing how people can incorporate coconut into their diet. If you are not a first time buyer you can still click through one of these links to show me some love as I still get a small kickback towards tropical tradition products when I buy them. You just wont get the book. I just love Tropical Traditions. I know that I can trust that the food I am ordering is high quality. So thank you in advance to anyone who uses my links!

Oh, and Tropical Traditions has a “healthy buyer club” that you can join for even more bulk buying discounts and coupon codes.

In addition to coconut oil, Tropical Traditions is also having some other sales as of now (4/28/16) such as my favorite heirloom popcorn (which I pop on the stove), lotions, lip balm, coconut chips (which I use to make these cinnamon toasted coconut chips) and MORE sales! Go check them out to see for yourself.

Feel free to comment in the links below if you love coconut oil or have any questions about it.

*Some of the above links are affiliate links.  Click here to learn more about affiliate links. (I am a part of Tropical Tradition’s referral program. I love them so much that I signed up. If you buy from any of these links I will be credited so that I can buy more stuff from them. I just LOVE Tropical Traditions. If you are a frequent Tropical Traditions customer you should consider signing up for their referral program.)


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