One of My Favorite Little Kitchen Gadgets

I bought a coffee/spice grinder a month back and I have yet to use it until today. It’s not because I don’t like coffee… well, I don’t like coffee. It smells fantastic but I don’t like the taste. I know, I’m crazy right?

I bought the coffee grinder because I wanted to make oat flour. I have always made it in my food processor but I was reading on some other blogs (I forget which ones now) about how a coffee grinder will make oat flour much finer than a food processor or blender. So I thought I would try it out. To my amazement it made incredibly fine flour out of oats AND my buckwheat groats. I am in awe of my new little kitchen gadget.

coffee grinder

Here is my “groat flour”.


I love buckwheat groats! Contrary to popular belief they are not wheat (although the name can be deceiving). They are not even a grain. So if you are switching to a grain free diet or just like to lay off them from time to time, groats are a wonderful alternative to oats. I eat them for breakfast almost every morning as a side dish to eggs. Check out how I make them here.

You can make oat flour the same way I made my “groat flour” in the coffee grinder.

But today I used my groat flour in place of oats to make my favorite protein brownies.

I also ground up some cacoa nibs I had in the pantry and made freshly ground cacoa powder. My protein brownies had a much different consistency and flavor but I LOVED them. Give it a try if you get the chance.

FYI!! If you blend too long you can burn out the motor so read your coffee grinder’s instructions and tips carefully.


Here are the brownies I made today. They were much lighter in color but oh so good! I may add another TBS of cacao powder next time I make them this way and see how they turn out.


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