Sunday Ice Cream Sunday!

Every Sunday in our house is “Sunday Ice Cream Sunday”. I make a dinner that I know my kids will enjoy and eat without a fuss so that they can have dessert afterwards.

But we don’t do your typical ice cream. Okay, I admit, my husband has his normal ice cream after the kids are in bed. I get him the vanilla ice cream from Trader Joes with only a few ingredients (all of which I can pronounce) and no hormones added. But since sugar is a no go for my kids we have “banana ice cream”. This may not be a new concept to many of you. I know it’s pinned all over Pinterest. There are a million and two variations of the recipe. We use just bananas (as a base) and go from there.

So here is how we do it.

1. I always have a stash of sliced frozen banana pieces in a freezer bag in my freezer.

2. I take said frozen banana pieces and put them in my blender.

3. I blend the banana pieces with a very small amount of water (the less water you use the more “ice cream like” it turns out).

4. I then dish up the mixture into giant bowls for my kids to enjoy.

My kids are plenty happy with this treat each Sunday but here are some ways we like to change it up for fun:

My son chose a dollop of pudding and a piece of chocolate in his “ice cream” tonight.


My daughter asked for frozen strawberries and raspberries to make hers “pinkalishous” and then wanted chocolate sprinkles too.


My hubby’s idea of a single serving (eating his Trader Joes ice cream). I guess compared to him it does seem rather small. 🙂


so good!


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  1. November 1, 2013

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  2. January 19, 2014

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