Today’s Workout Plus What I Ate

Today was my second leg day of the week. I made it glute focused because that is a weak spot for me. I also did an arm workout that was shoulder focused (since I hadn’t hit shoulders yet this week).


I found two fabulous workouts from My Trainer Carmen on her Instagram Page. You should check her out if you get a chance. I also follow her on facebook but she has less workouts posted there. I tweaked them to hit my weak spots and to work with the equipment I have. Her glute workout used a bar and I don’t have one so I changed the workouts slightly to be able to use dumbbells. I also added a plyo move.

Her arm workout had a lot more tricep work and I will be doing chest/triceps on Monday so I decided to add more shoulder moves and less tricep work into the mix.


Here is what I did today for my workout:

Warm up:

  • Trampoline warm up (running in place, jumping, jumping jacks ect)
  • Dynamic stretches

Leg (glute focused) Workout:

  • Narrow dead lift curl then squat (I used 2 25 lb dumbbells) x10 reps
  • Curtsy lunge to the LEFT up into a wide squat (I used 1 35 lb dumbbell) x8-10 reps
  • Curtsy lunge to the RIGHT up into a wide squat (I used 1 35 lb dumbbell) x8-10 reps
  • Wider stance dead lift to squat (25 lb dumbbells in between legs) x10 reps
  • Stationary lunges (25 lb dumbbell on RIGHT side while right knee bend forward) x8 reps
  • Stationary lunges (25 lb dumbbell on LEFT side while right knee bend forward) x8 reps
  • Wide stance bodyweight jump squats (plyo) x25 reps
  • Wide stance deadlifts (with 25 lb dummbells) x10 reps(I repeated this 2 more times)

    Shoulder Workout:

  • Shoulder press 20 lbs dumbells (3 sets to failure)Circuit:(I used 5-10 lb dumbbells for each of these exercises)
  • Wide curl to full circle x10 reps
  • Hammer curl press x10 reps
  • Full tricep kickbacks x20 reps
  • 3 way hammer curls (very narrow, reg, wide) x10 reps
  • Lateral drops x10 reps each side
  • Forward raise into bent over delts 10 reps of eachI finished up with static stretches

What I Ate Today:

For breakfast I had leftover cod with homemade salsa and some peas. I also had a bite or two of my homemade oat bread (recipe coming soon) that had just come out of the oven (because you can’t take fresh bread out of the oven without taste testing it. 😉

After my workout I ate 2 protein brownies right away. Then I fixed a salad with 1 zucchini turkey meatball and some homemade salsa. I also ate a slice of oat flour bread (it was still warm… yum) for a wonderful post workout feed!


Later I was hungry and ate 2 more protein brownies and little bit of Greek yogurt with a sprinkle of whey protein topped with almond butter raspberries and walnuts. mmmm

I also munched on a few heirloom carrots as I cut them up for later.

Later we headed to a friends house where they made steaks, grilled asparagus for us. I also tried the potatoes they made on the grill. It was so good. I also ate some of the salad I brought which was topped with tomatoes, walnuts, pepita seeds, and feta cheese.

After dinner and hanging out with friends I was craving something sweet so I made some protein fluff and we vegged out watching Netflix and the end of the Cardinal’s game. Go Cards!


As you can see, on workout days I eat a LOT of food. On non workout days I may skip breakfast because I’m not that hungry or I might not snack so late at night. But this is a typical day of eating for me when I get a really good workout in (especially on leg day).

If you have any questions or comments feel free to write in the comment section below.

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