Today’s Workout Plus What I Ate: Carb Cycling

I’m carb cycling right now. So most of my days I’m eating lower carb than my usual days, and then 1 or 2 days a week I eat higher carbs (not insanely high, just higher than usual). I wont go into too much detail but carb cycling is an excellent way to burn fat while keeping lean muscle mass. I first incorporated carb cycling into my nutrition plan during phase 3 of the Jaimie Eason’s 12 week Live Fit Plan and I come back to this type of eating every now and then. Live Fit was the plan that launched me into my love for weight training and clean eating. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to transform their body in just 12 weeks.

I’m cleaning up my diet a bit right now. I’m taking dairy back out of my diet. Dairy makes me feel bloated but I love it because, well, it’s delicious. I always over do the dairy when I eat it and I have been eating too much of it lately so that’s the biggest change I will be making in my day to day eating.

If you are interested in carb cycling just google it and you will find all sorts of info on it as well as aps to help you keep track of your macros. Here is one article from Dr. Axe that explains it in some detail.

Here is my workout plus what I ate today which is lower in carbs than my typical normal eating. Low carb doesn’t have to mean boring. I have links on most of the foods. You can click them to find the recipes.

I woke up before the kiddos got up today and got in a 30 minute run on the treadmill. I decided to split my workout today (cardio right away and then I lifted weights later).

I was famished after my run and the kiddos had just woken up so I fixed them breakfast, stretched then made a huge breakfast for myself…

For breakfast I ate a duck egg scramble plus a whole egg sunny side up. I scrambled my eggs with bell pepper and spinach (my favorite) and ate it with salsa and some fermented red cabbage. I also had a small side of my favorite low carb creamy veggie soup. I added a bit of cayenne pepper because I like everything spicey. I was totally stuffed and had lots of energy for my mid morning lifting routine.

Mid morning I lifted weights. Here was my lifting workout. I hit chest, triceps, and abs:

  • Dumbbell Chest Press: light weight warm up x20 followed by 3×10 heavier sets to failure
  • Dumbbell flys: 3×10 to failure
  • Dumbbell inclined chest press: 3×8 to failure (I used much heavier weights so I did lower reps.)
  • Dumbbell Tricep Extensions: 3X10 to failure
  • Dumbell Tricep Kickbacks: 3X12 to failure

I then did one of my favorite ab routines. I followed The Clutch Life Core Routine on You Tube.

Then I ended my workout with some static stretches.

For a post workout meal I ate 2 grain free turkey meatballs in my salad with some salsa and pumpkin seeds sprinkled on top.

Later in the afternoon I felt snacky so I ate some avocado and coconut milk pudding that I had pre made in the freezer. It’s sweetened with liquid stevia.

For dinner I made the family some curry chicken. They ate theirs over rice. I had mine without. This is one of my favorite dinners!

And now I’m stuffed so I wont snack again tonight. I am just going to keep drinking water to keep my fluids up.

So there you have it! That was today’s workout plus what I ate today. Tomorrow I’m going to the gym to hit legs and it will be a high carb day. I’m looking forward to my favorite groats for breakfast with my eggs. I haven’t had that in a while. And they are my favorite.

Feel free to comment in the section below if you have any questions or comments. Thank you!

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