Today’s Workout plus What I Ate Today

Today I lifted weights in my basement. I have a small amount of equipment (dumbells, exercise ball, pull up bar, resistance bands etc.) at home which makes my home workouts more versatile.

I worked chest and triceps today and followed that up with an abdominal circuit.

I worked out in my slippers this morning since it’s cold in my basement. Nothing beats dressing how you want to when you work out at home.

What I ate today and my workout

Today’s Workout:

I warmed up with some rebounding on my indoor trampoline.

I followed that with some dynamic stretches.

I then warmed up some more with 20 quick pushups from my knees.

Then I began my heavier workout with regular pushups to failure.

I did 3 sets of regular pushups to failure. With each set I dropped to my knees after I couldn’t do any more regular ones and I burnt out on those.

I then did dumbbell flys on my exercise ball (3 sets of 12)

Followed by dumbbell tricep extensions 4 sets of 8

Then I killed my triceps with a circuit that I did twice:

  1. plank tricep kickbacks to failure
  2. resistance band tricep extensions to failure
  3. dips to failure (I used my couch)

I then did this abdominal circuit that I found online. I wasn’t able to do the hanging leg raises with my legs straight. I bent my knees instead. I like how this video has variations for beginners. It took me just 6 minutes to get a killer ab workout. And my arms were shaking by the end because of my chest and triceps workout. 🙂

I ended my workout with static stretches.

What I Ate Today:

Breakfast: groats with berries and a mix of hemp seeds and chia seed with a couple walnuts broken and sprinkled on top. Eggs with spinach, salsa, spices, and fresh garlic.

I also drank some raspberry leaf tea with fresh ginger and cinnamon.

I then munched on some carrot sticks as I cut up my carrots for the week.

Before my workout I whipped up some protein fluff in my food processor. I put it in a bowl in the fridge for after my workout and had a little bit right before the workout (licked the spatula).

After my workout I had my protein fluff and some protein brownies.

Later I made fresh almond butter and then made some avocado pudding at the same time. I like making things with my food processor when I can make one right after the other and don’t have to clean up twice then.

I had the avocado pudding for a snack.


For dinner I ate 2 turkey meatballs over romaine lettuce with salsa (I love salsa), spices and fresh garlic (I love garlic).

I prepped a huge batch of turkey meatballs for the week. I wanted a couple while they were fresh and the rest of the fam had leftovers. We had lots of chili left over from Monday.

Later that night I ate some hard boiled eggs and some carrot sticks because I was up kinda late and I was hungry.

I don’t ever limit the veggies I eat. I like to have carrots and snap peas handy all the time for when I’m feeling snacky.

And I always drink a TON of water throughout the day from my Berkey water filter.

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