Whey Free Protein Shake

If you can’t stomach whey protein, I have an alternative for you! Beef gelatin!

I recently started making protein shakes with Collagen Hydrolysate Bovine Gelatin. I use the kosher water soluble kind in the green can. Kosher just means there is no pork. But if you don’t avoid pork you could just buy the non kosher-it’s less expensive. The benefit of beef gelatin is that it comes from grass fed cows! This bovine gelatin is good for your joints, so it makes a perfect high protein shake for after a heavy lifting workout. For more info on both types of gelatin I love click here.



  • 1/2 banana
  • 6 frozen or fresh strawberries
  • 4 TBS bovine gelatin (Use more or less depending on how much protein you want. 4 TBS is 24 grams of protein) I buy mine here.
  • 8 ounces of filtered water


1. Pour 5-8 ounces filtered water into a blender (depending on how thick you want your smoothie.

2. Add fruit and blend till smooth.


3. Place all your fruit mixture to a shake mixer cup (you can get these at any sporting goods store or online).

4. Add bovine gelatin and shake till completely mixed.


My shake turned a slightly brown after sitting in my mini cooler in my locker during my workout. It still tasted yummy. If the color throws you off you could always wait to add your gelatin right before you drink it.

Also, this shake will taste a bit like drinking liquid J-E-L-L-O. So you may want to wash it down with some plain filtered water when you are done.



1. If whey protein doesn’t upset your stomach but you just want to add some healthy gelatin into your diet. You could use 1 scoop of whey protein with 2 TBS bovine gelatin.

2. You could also try any different mixture of fruits you like. I just happen to like the taste of strawberry and bananas.


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