Workout Split and What I Ate Today

I don’t always get to split up my workout but thanks to my awesome hubby I was able to today.

I got my back/biceps lifting in early today after we got some homeschool work done. The kiddos played really well together in the basement while I lifted.

I used exercise resistance bands to help me get my pull ups and chin ups in on doorway my pull up bar. I can only do a few chin ups unassisted and I’m really working to get stronger in that area. The resistance bands are really helpful in that I can get more reps in after I max out unassisted. I can’t do a single pull up without help so I need my resistance bands for those as well.

resistance bands

After a dentist appointment (I swear I have the worst teeth in the history of teeth… thanks to all the sugar and pop I ate/drank when I was younger) I was maxed out when I got home. I asked my hubby if he would take the kiddos to the park while I got some running in. He happily agreed. He’s the best!

So the kiddos got to run around outside and I had a peaceful house to myself. I warmed up with a 10 min mile pace for 5 minutes followed by 20 sprints (30 seconds on 30 seconds off) on the treadmill and finished up with an abdominal workout and static stretching.

YAY for dry shampoo because I took 2 showers today but only washed my hair the second time. I was dripping with sweat after sprints and dry shampoo isn’t a miracle worker.

I wore my new shorts for sprints. My parents bought them for me for Christmas and it has been too cold to wear them until today. And now I love them. If I hadn’t sweat so much doing sprints I may not have taken them off. They are super comfy!

new shorts2

So now to what I ate today…

People are often curious as to how I fuel my body for my workouts. I prefer to eat every 3 hours. Life often gets in the way but it worked out well today. So here it goes…

I woke around 7 am, read my bible and prayed and fell back asleep till 8:15ish. When my son came and woke me up I made breakfast for the kiddos and myself.

I had groats with berries, a TBS of chia seeds and hemp seeds mixed, and cinnamon with a side of eggs and spinach with salsa and other seasoning (cayenne pepper, dried jalapenos, and fresh garlic). I also drank some raspberry leaf tea (one of my favorite morning beverages).

Oh, and I always use coconut oil in my cast iron griddle when I cook eggs.

A couple hours later (after teaching the kiddos for a bit) I lifted and followed that up with my protein brownies along with a scoop of whey protein mixed with water and a few drops of liquid stevia for a little added protein.

Right before I left for the dentist I ate some tuna with peas and mustard. I know that’s a weird combo but I like it!

Then after sprints later that night I had a salad with salsa and 2 turkey meatballs. I also ate a brown rice cake and some heirloom popcorn. I usually don’t eat rice cakes but I was trying to make dinner for the family and get a quick meal in because I was ravenous. So that’s what I grabbed. I also had some leftover stove popped popcorn from the weekend when we had movie night so it was an easy quick carb for after sprints.

After the kids were in bed I ate some boiled eggs and some heirloom carrots. I loooove the purple ones. So good! My husband wanted to take a photo because he thinks my late night eggs and carrot snacks are crazy. But I didn’t let him.

So, that’s what I ate today. Now I’m off to bed to get some sleep. It’s late, so I apologize for misspelled words and grammatical errors.

Hope you all had a great day! Feel free to write comments or questions in the section below.

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