Healthier Halloween Treats

If you are anything like me, you are craving chocolate as Halloween approaches (wait, when am I not craving chocolate?). I am seeing more and more candy commercials on TV, and all the bags of fun sized candy delights are staring me down as I walk through the grocery store. Candy is everywhere! And this is only the beginning of “food season”. Halloween is followed by my birthday, and then soon after is Thanksgiving, then Christmas…. oh and don’t forget New Years. By the end of it all I could easily indulge in a plethora of GMOs and processed sugar if I gave in to my every impulse.

So, here is a list of my favorite “healthier” holiday treats that would be a perfect substitute to the usual Halloween candy. These are great in moderation (although I have been guilty of eating far too many of these in one setting). Regardless of how many you eat, I can at least guarantee that these treats are filled with whole foods and zero processed sugar.

candies for halloween

Here are a few of my favorite Halloween candy alternatives:

Almond Joy Bites

Peanut Butter Brownie Bars

Raw Cheesecake Bars

Raw Chocolate Cheesecake Bites

LARABAR Style Brownies

My kiddos are 4 and 6. Last year we made them goodie bags they could choose to swap for the candy they received on Halloween. These surprise goodie bags were filled with healthier treats and other small toys and trinkets. Click here if you would like to see what we did last year.

My daughter has tummy issues when eating certain foods (like gluten and processed sugar) so she happily accepted this trade. My son was so excited he made the trade as well. This year I am making surprise goodie bags again. I am hoping this will help the kids to make their own healthier food choices. This year I am making homemade fruit strips in my food dehydrator to put in their bags (along with other treats). Yum!

This years goodie bags will include (but not be limited to… I’m not done making the bags yet):

  • Home made fruit strips
  • Glow sticks
  • Fun pencils
  • WB Honey Cookies
  • Squishy toys (my son loves the cheap dollar store squishy toys)
  • Coloring items
  • Other homemade treats

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    […] isn’t really that difficult for me to pass on. However, I wasn’t able to make an of my usual goodies that I normally whip up on holidays to avoid other junk.  I do so desperately miss […]

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