Treat Yourself

It’s important to treat yourself to foods you love if you want long term success with healthy eating.

Treat Yourself

Healthy eating is not just broiled chicken and steamed broccoli. In fact, I don’t think I have eaten either of those in years. I usually roast my meat and veggies with lots of seasoning. My meals are rarely boring. I love food and I believe that it’s important to love what you are eating in order to continue eating healthy. If you aren’t enjoying your meals, you are probably on a diet. A diet is something you can fall off of. A lifestyle is something you can follow for life.

If you are…

  • enjoying what you eat
  • eating real whole foods
  • eating portions comparable to your activity level (more if you are working out, less if you are not)

then you are probably following a healthy lifestyle.

Here are some tips to continue eating healthy rather than yo-yo diet:

  1. Enjoy what you eat. Pick healthy foods you love. Dress food up with herbs and spices and (some) sea salt. Too much will make you feel bloated. Don’t avoid foods you love. Just eat the healthier version of them. Clean them up. Eat whole foods. Cook from scratch when you can.
  2. Treat yourself but don’t have a cheat DAY. Enjoy that cookie or 2 guilt free if it doesn’t mean you will eat the whole package. And if you do happen to eat the whole package don’t beat yourself up… just start again with the VERY NEXT MEAL. Don’t make one treat turn into a day of disaster. And hey, if you do, try again tomorrow. Try to pick one meal or dessert that you want to truly treat yourself and enjoy it! Savor it. Eat it guilt free. I don’t like to throw away a whole day to reckless eating. I feel like it’s just opening a flood gate to terrible eating (at least for me). So I do my best to stick with one treat.
  3. Pick a healthy version of what you love. If processed cookies are going to throw you off, choose a healthier version of what you love. I make TONS of sweets made with unprocessed sugar (like raw honey, dates, or organic grade A maple syrup) for special occasions so that I don’t feel deprived when everyone else is eating DQ birthday cake, or holiday pies. Here is a link to my sweets recipe page if you need some ideas.
  4. Eat something you love every day! If you make “clean and healthy” versions of your favorite foods there is no reason you can’t enjoy something you love every day. Variety is the spice of life and the best way to keep away from boredom. I eat chocolate almost every day (my favorite food). Here is my recipe page if you are looking for dinners, snacks, and desserts that are made from real quality ingredients. I have everything on it from pizza pie to brownies.

What is your favorite healthy meal or dessert. Do you have a favorite meal or food you would like me to try and “makeover” into a healthier version? Feel free to share in the comments below.

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