Leg Day II: Hams and Glutes

If I wasn’t cashed before, I am now. My last workout of the week was a second leg day. With a week full of sprints, active rests, and supersets I ended by work out week hitting my hamstrings and glutes. If you read my previous post “Leg Day 1: Quads and Calves” you will know I focused on quads, and calves on my first leg day. I ended today’s workout by literally picking myself off the floor while my legs shook from exhaustion.

In case you didn’t read my previous post:

Super sets are where you perform one exercise and then immediately do the next exercise. Then take a 1 1/2 to 2 min break before repeating.

Active rests are when you do the first exercise, then the second exercise instead of resting, then immediately perform the first exercise again. You do this until you have performed each exercise 3 times each.

I followed “day 60” the “phase 3 days” of Jamie Eason’s Live Fit Plan. The only change I made was that I didn’t do calves. I had to change up some of my workout days and since I did calves yesterday I couldn’t possibly do them today (they were too soar and it would be unproductive to hit them two days in a row).

If you are up for a challenge here is my Leg Day II:

I started off with 5 min on the elliptical to loosen up my soar calves



seated leg curl (3 sets of 15 reps)

barbell lunge (3 sets of 15 reps, per side)



stiff-legged barbell deadlift (3 sets of 15 reps)

bounce-bounce-squat (two jumps in place and then open up into a pile squat, 3 sets of 15)



standing leg curl (3 sets of 15 reps)

split quats (3 sets of 15 reps) these seem easy at first but once you hit the 10th one they start to feel impossible



one leg barbell squat on a bench (3 sets of 15 reps)

stability ball leg curl (3 sets of 15 reps)


working active rest

lying leg curl (3 sets of 20)

mountain climbers (3 sets of 20)


triple set (this is the part I skipped since I JUST did calves yesterday)

standing calf raises (3 sets of 20)

seated calf raises (3 sets of 20)

jump rope (3 sets of 20)

Instead I did 5 min on the elliptical to loosen up my soar calves a bit before stretching as a cool down.

I ended with total body static stretches but focused on stretching my hamstrings, glutes and calves.


I took 2 minute breaks between super sets. The entire workout including warm-up and stretches at the end lasted about 1 1/2 hrs.

So that was today’s workout. If you would like to see the full workout with photos of each exercise you can click here.  On Jamie Eason’s page there are links to video demonstrations of each workout (super helpful in case you don’t know what certain exercises are. They also help remind you about proper form).

I have also been trying to eat super clean since I am headed out of town next week. It’s really difficult to eat well on the road. It can be done but it’s not easy. So I thought I would give myself a little wiggle room by being extra good before I leave. I have been “taste testing” a lot of treats though (like these “Raw Cashew Cheesecake Bars“). I made a few goodies for the road for my daughter and I to eat since I am pretty sure there will be cake at my Great Grandmother’s 100th birthday (the reason for our road trip). yum!

So today’s clean menu was:


eggs with bell peppers, spinach and salsa over sweet peas


a small portion of leftover fajita style chicken from the night before

fajita chicken


tuna fish and I had quite a few tastes of raw cheesecake batter (sweetened with farmer’s market maple syrup and organic dates)

1 hour later I went to the gym to workout

after workout snack:

chocolate protein banana bread brownies, oh, and I did try another piece of “raw cheesecake” when cutting the bars after they had been in the freezer for a bit)


“taco salad” (my hubby cooks up ground beef with a mix of seasoning). I ate mine with lettuce, tomatoes, salsa, a pinch of cheese, and sweet potato chips

post dinner snack:

boiled egg whites and some carrot sticks (I was hungry for just a little something but didn’t want to overdo the snacking)

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